New Release: Jodye Watts – Old Soul

Detroit product Jody Watts returns, with the new name “Jodye Watts” and a new soundscape with the release of his first single “Old Soul” featuring Curtis Roach & Derrick Bynum. Produced by “El.” with Artwork done by @JonXGenius of CornerStoreGoods™ and ProneToViolence™.

Twitter/Instagram: @JodyeWatts


Available Now: Rich Ash – “Never Forget Where You Came From” Hosted By RJ Lamont

New Mixtape available from Rich Ash titled “Never Forget” – Hosted by RJ Lamont. Production includes tracks from Will Easy, Billionaire Jones, Dnell Beats, Helluva, Taj Beats, RJ Lamont, and Vonte Beats. Featured Artists include GT, J Prince, HNIC Pesh, BandGang, Money Music, and more.

Available for Purchase on iTunes or you can Stream via Spotify above.

Twitter/Instagram: @RichAshWealthy @RealWillEasy

Listen/Download: “Rose from the Concrete” EP – Will Easy

New Extended Play project “Rose from the Concrete” produced entirely by Will Easy.

“I always felt as if the Rose from the Concrete symbolized a reawakening. A new beginning emerging from a dark place without hope or the feeling of a way out. I feel as if that Rose symbolizes Detroit, and symbolizes some of the products of the city, such as J Dilla, Eminem, Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9, and so many others alike. I made this project because I reached the lowest point I’ve ever been in, and I found a reawakening with music. This project symbolizes my growth through music, from finding enough light to grow from the darkness, and sprouting thorns from the stems that helped me see the light of day, to blossom into the being that I am now. Special thanks goes out to The Drum Broker for providing these lovely compositions for me to build upon, my family and friends for being there when I needed them, and especially my Sister and my Nephews for being the light that seeped through the concrete to help me grow. Thank You All. – Will Easy”